Day Three

Day three post surgery. I apparently overdid it by a large margin yesterday. I think it was the up and down from my office chair to the front, meeting with clients and such. Either way, my body is telling me that I should not have done whatever I did, as I am back to feeling a bit worse than I was on Wednesday.

So far, I’ve had no other complications. No nausea since Wednesday morning. No harsh cramping, although it hasn’t been a perfect pain-free existence. Today’s cramps are light but bothersome, and the Advil just isn’t kicking it. So back to the Percocet, which also apparently makes me itch.

I took the day off from work today and stayed home. It’s a rainy July 3, and I’d really like to be outside on the deck falling asleep to the rain, but my heating pad is a more important friend right now. Maybe I’ll feel more like it tomorrow, when it is supposed to rain again. I’m actually glad it’s raining. Perhaps that will tone down the fireworks spectacle that the really annoying people think should last until dawn. I’d really like that, as fireworks are pretty in a staged event, but not so much across the street at 1 a.m.

I’m headed back to the recliner now. Wish me luck in kicking these cramps to the curb. Also the muscle aches. Even my legs hurt. I can only imagine what position they put me in for the surgery, and I’m certainly glad that my friend general anesthesia precludes me from remembering the blessed event. If only they could make a general anesthesia event that would erase all memories of my ex-husband!

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