Day 2 

I woke up this morning feeling really good. Still a bit sore on the inside. I haven’t had any nausea today, although I am still not eating very much. Just not much of an appetite. 

I did some paperwork this morning and kept my hearing date for my client. On the way back from the hearing, which was about an hour from my house, I started feeling bad again. Cramps and just a really sore tummy area. 

I guess I just overdid it a bit. 

I can’t pick up anything over 5 pounds for a few days. I don’t know that I did, but I did go up some stairs, which I think lead to some of my current state. 

I cam home and took one of the Percocets that my doctor prescribed. I am starting to feel bad and don’t want to feel bad tomorrow.  Percocet is one of those drugs I’ve never taken. Honestly it’s a pretty long list. I just don’t get sick very often, thus my limited knowledge of drug side effects. 

Both the hospital and my doctor’s office called to check on me. That was nice. 

All seems well today overall. I’m hoping the trend continues. 

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