Verset is My BFF

Well, today was the day. I had my minor (to everyone) but major (to me) surgery. It was an outpatient procedure honestly to deal with the extremely heavy periods I’ve been having for several years, which have grown progressively worse over the past year or so. To the point at, at a client meeting earlier this year, I had yet another accident and had to go home and chnage. Not a pleasant experience, although no one knew but me, thankfully.

I’m grateful today for several things: (a) that I’m still living, (b) that my doctor is the bomb, (c) that I had two great nurses and a great anesthesiolotgist today, and (d) that my Sweetie was able to be there and take good care of me the whole time. He promised he would only leave when they made him, which was good, as that’s what I wanted to heppen as well.

I was in a bit of pain early on, because I had a headache yesterday that just would not go away. I took several Advil last night, all before 9pm, as that was the 8-hour cutoff for when I had to arrive at the torture chamber, a.k.a. the hospital. After the nurse got my IV started, I was all warm and cozy under the blankets and the super-cool Bair Hugger. I really want one of those for the house on cold winter nights. My hand will be bruised tomorrow, but that’s okay. I have no stitches or such, which is good. Let’s just say they found what they needed to fix through an alternate route.

My doctor is the best. He always makes me feel like everything will be okay, and it is. He is about my age, and I trust him implicitly. I would recommend him to anyone trying to find a new OB/GYN, as he is just great.

The nurse today was also great. She took the time to explain things, and she didn’t make fun of me for being scared. She said she understood, and I really appreciated that.

The nurse in the OR I remember meeting, but I don’t remember much else about her, unfortunately. She, too, seemed very nice.

The anesthsiologist was also nice A young doctor who had complete confidence in what she was doing. She’s the last person I remember talking to at all before I fell into never never land and woke up later in another room, with the procedure completely done.

My doctor said everything looked great (which is really nice since I did take a bath this morning, haha), and that the surger was a success. He said that I should see a definite change for the better, which I’m greatly looking forward to. If I didn’t have another period the rest of my life, it’d be great. I don’t want any other children, I’m too old to start over, and I certainly didn’t want to chance taking birth control pills to try to control it. This way, it’s more of a Gone Girl kind of scenario.

They did a hysteroscopy, a D&C, and a uterine ablation. Sounds complicated, but basically they did a little housekeeping, checked to make sure the doors and windows all worked correctly, and put some dust covers over the furniture, so to speak.

I did the Novasure procedure for the ablation. I had severe cramps from about 8am until 3pm or so today, but otherwise, nothing really adverse about the procedure itself. The cramps were from the cervical dialation they had to do, since portions of my procedure required it. I did have some nausea from the anesthesia, and I’m itching for the same reason, but otherwise, I’m good. I’m sure I’ll be sore tomorrow in places I don’t feel today, like my legs and a bit on the inside. I can tell that they did something on the inside but I just can’t really tell what. I have to abstain from bathing, sex, or using tampons for two weeks, and I can’t do any heavy lifting for three days. Heavy in this case is over 5 pounds. They just don’t want anything to come loose, I suppose.

I go back in three months for a follow-up appointment.

I know that there are tons of blogs and chat boars out there saying how horrible the experiences were. So far, mine has been good. Yes, it’s early yet, and I could have complications down the road. It’s still to early to judge overall, but givein the events of today and this evening, so far, I would recommend this to anyone having heavy periods. It’s also a good way for your doctor to make sure that nothing else is going on. That, alone, took a load off my otherwise worrisome mind.

I’ll keep posting updates as we go along, to let you know how things are doing. For now, I’m going to relax some more, pop a Benadryl before bed to control the itching, and get some additional rest. I have a final divorce hearing tomorrow in another county, so I need to be ready for that!.

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