Day 5

Well today marks my 5th day since surgery, counting the day of. It hasn’t been bad at all, although I am still sore in places I didn’t even know existed. I have been relaxing again Goldstein the chair, pretty much doing nothing. My billion  this week is going to suck, because  I have taken off so much time to heal. There is a part of me that is not sad about th a, even thigh my checkbook will be come week’s end.

I continued to have some cramps but jot too bad. More than anything it’s just like everything is sore not the inside and I don’t really feel like doing anything or going anywhere. I did clean the bathroom at least.

I finished the third season of Orange is the New Black in three days, though. I guess that’s an accomplishment. Other than that, my life has been pretty dull this week with very little excitement.

Sometimes I feel like I am still trying to find my place in th world. Like there are questions about must that continue to go unanswered. I turned down a job offer last week, for several reasons. I didn’t solicit it. It came to me. Ten months ago I would have been ecstatic about it. Now, not so much. I am glad I am not taking the bar exam in a few weeks, though. There is that shining star not the sky.

It being Independence Day, I sit here at 9:25pm on a Saturday night wondering when the damn fireworks are going to end. I like them, in controlled spaces. I am not a fan at all in neighborhoods. They actually drive me a bit bananas, just as any loud noises do. I hate the mess they leave, too, that no on ever seems to want to clean up.  I haven’t bought them in sibling  doing recall the last time. And I don’t miss that at all.

I sit here in a quiet house, with war zone noise in the background. But I still sit here on my home, away from all the noises of the city. Thankful for a year in our home today. Thankful to be in the country. Thankful not to live in Little Rock proper, where there seems to be a homicide every ten minutes. Almost all young black males. Sad. Moms and Dads who lose their children to violence.

I am thankful for many things today, but I feel restless.  Most likely this is because I have a busy week ahead and no vacation again until September. But I do have sanity.

If not for the change last October, I most likely would not have that, at all.

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