To Take or Not To Take

I’m sersiously considering taking the Florida Bar exam.  Not just a fleeing moment kind of thing.  An actual, persistent thought that keeps me awake on some evenings.  Maybe I’m scared (bar exams are not easy), but maybe I’m just excited.  Excited to see if I can do it again (pass, that is).

The cost is pretty high.  Since I took quite a pay hit when I took my dream job (for which I’m very grateful!), I am also considering a Go Fund Me request.  I’m not sure I can even do it, or if it will work, but stranger things have happened.  

I haven’t told Sweetie yet how much the test costs.  I’m a bit afraid to. I mean, I could make a house payment just about for the cost of the test.  Plus there is the travel and study time.  But, if I study as a group with others who want to take it, that might be a great idea.  I know of a couple of other people who have considered taking it.

Why do I want to take it?  Several reasons, I think.  I LOVE being a lawyer.  I love the way you feel when a judge rules in your favor, after making a heartened argument in front of him or her.  I love how clients are appreciative, of the hard work you put into a case, even if you aren’t successful in getting exactly what they want.  I love that I wake up every day and still want to learn about my job.  It’s a constant thing.  

Another reason is because, some day, I would really like to retire to Florida.  Go walking on the beach on the weekends.  Live the life with much better weather.  Yes, they have the occasional hurricane, but at least they have some warning.  Tornadoes and ice storms, here, appear without much of either, and then you’re stuck.

Another reason is because we occasionally have clients who call from Florida wanting us to represent them.  I have already had three.  All of their issues were Arkansas issues, thankfully, so we were able to represent them, but just knowing that I have some folks in Florida, now, who need me makes getting my license down there even better.

Finally, I would just like to be licensed in more than one state.  You never know what is going to happen.  Sweetie might decide to apply for a job there; my son might move there; my sisters might move there.  You just never know.  Being prepared is my mantra.

So, as I sit here on this Saturday morning, contemplating which legal task I am going to accomplish first (brief or complaint?), I also think about being crazy enough to want to study for another bar exam – and pass it.

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