Rainy Sunday

It’s a rainy Sunday, as I sit here in my house, looking out the large windows we have all around.  It looks pretty dreary outside, which is probably good, since I have a bit of legal work to get done before the start of another busy week.

I have to write a brief.  I don’t know why they call them briefs, as they are really anything but.  I haven’t written one in a while, since my domestic work doesn’t typically call for them on a regular and routine basis.  But, I’ll pull out some examples, remember the skills I learned in law school, and crank it out in a bit.  I also have to respond to some interrogatories, draft a petition to reopen a divorce on a property settlement matter, and draft up a trial outline for a case I have this week.  Busy day for me, indeed.

Some weekends, I’m able to take it slow and not work.  That’s just not the case this weekend.  I will set a timer up on my computer so that it tells me when it gets to be about 3pm, and that’s when I’ll stop.  I do want to enjoy some of my weekend time this time around.

I hope everyone has a nice, dry Sunday, wherever you are.  I’m inside, and I’m warm, so I’m thankful for another day.

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