Life Changes, You Change for the Better

I just finished a book on OCD.  No, I don’t think I have OCD, although I do have some compulsive issues that I deal with every day.  Or are they obsessive? Either way I’m not too bad.  I actually felt better after reading it, like I was not so weird after all. I think that really helps – knowing you are not the weirdest person in the universe.

Today, I am sitting out on our deck, enjoying this beautiful weather.  It’s Valentine’s Day, and we went and had breakfast, I went to a couple of estate sales, and tonight we are going to see 50 Shades of Gray.  No, I don’t think it’s porn.  I think it was a high-level romance novel with a pretty good plot line.  Really not a lot different than those books the old ladies read.  

I also started a new book.  The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin.  I love it, so far.  I have the Happiness Journal, which I’ve written in every day (except for 2 weeks around the bar exam) since I received it.  So , two years, one month, and 14 days later, I have written a note about my day, every day.  Some days weren’t great.  Some days were horrible.  Some days I wanted to crawl in a hole and die.  Some days were great.  Funny, since October 24, 2014, all the days have been good, at the very least.  It’s amazing how a change in your life can help your attitude.

I knew that it would do me good.  The stress I feel, now, as a full-time attorney, is pretty intense at times, but oh is it fun!  Just last week, a judge’s order on a case was like the best thing ever.  Boom!  

Sometimes, when I look back, I wonder how different my life would be now, if I had either not left or left earlier.  I think leaving earlier would have been hard.  I probably would not have this beautiful house in the country.  I probably would not love my commute nearly as much as I do.  Not leaving I can’t even bring myself to really think about.  I think I would have either (a) gone insane, or (b) ran away.  It had come down to one of the two.

There are things about my new life that have been hard to which to adjust.  Working from home, a lot, to get things accomplished was tough at first, but now, I’ve figured out a way to bill a lot more during the day and not have as much to do in the evenings.  It’s getting easier.  Like most things, time moves on and helps you adjust.  It just takes that time.

I am glad – happier than I have been in a very long time.  DINKhood is FINALLY the next thing on my countdown calendar.  (Dual Income No Kids).  Less than 90 days away, I believe, and I can hardly imagine how great it will be.  Not that I don’t love our kids – but I’ve been raising kids since I was about 12, so I’m ready to be done.  My sisters and brother are much younger than I am, thus my raising kids started much earlier than it did for most.  

It’s 70 degrees on Valentine’s Day, 2015.  There is not a cloud in the sky.  It’s 2pm and I’m already drinking wine.  It’s a good life.  Make your life good, too.

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