Let’s Buy a House

So today, we close on our new home. It is in a different part of town than either of u have ever lived, on the south side of the river. It’s also in a different county, albeit just over the Pulaski County line. It is nice, quiet, has acreage, and is beautiful.

We will be leaving our rental, which has served us well for the past year. It is where I spent a thousand hours studying for the bar exam, where I found out that I had passed the bar, where we had a few other struggles, and where I became brave enough to take the BRAC test. It has been a good year, despite the points in between that were not so good.

We have enjoyed the peace and quiet we have had in that little neighborhood. It has been so much quieter than our former house, which, while nice, was honestly filled, for me at least, with many band memories and few good ones. It’s amazing how people can do things to turn your world upside down and perhaps not even mean to do so. Or perhaps they do. One may never know.

For the fourth time in my life, we are about to become homeowners again. I didn’t buy my first house until 2001, closing about 3 months before 9/11. There were many reasons why, but most of them involved my lack of money. Som were because my ex didn’t want to ever go in debt for a house, although we were frankly in debt in everything else at the time. I never understood his reasoning.

So today, as I go get a cashier ‘a check for the down payment, I will remember the good times we have had in our little rental and not be sad to be moving into my 18th house. It is a good thing.

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