Another Rainy Day

I love the rain. Trust me, I love the sun, too, especially when I’m going to be outside or at the beach. I just like the occasional good, soaking rain, as it has so many benefits.

It makes my water bill less in summer, because I don’t have to water my lawn. In our current rental house, that’s not a huge deal, except that there is no sprinkler system, so we pay for sewer on water that isn’t going into the sewer. It also means that we have to drag around a hose and sprinkler. Thankfully, we have t used it even one time this year, as it has rained enough to keep the grass and plants very healthy without extra water.

A good rain conserves water, as well, since we don’t have to waste water watering the plants and grass.

It soothes my soul. I love nothing more than sitting outside on the patio during a nice rainstorm. Not like hail, scary lightning and broken limbs, but a gentle thunderstorm with rain. Ahhhh. I think part of the reason is that I grew up in the country, where a good rainstorm meant staying inside and having much of nothing to do other than to listen to it hit the roof. I lived on the plains of the Delta, so we were frequently hounded by pretty strong storms. It is also what calmed me during law school, as my most-frequent music while studying was Rainstorm, a meditation piece that was quite relaxing. Definitely a must for Civil Procedure!

I am thankful for the rain, for many reasons. It helps wash away the many thoughts racing through my head. It feeds my soul.

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