A Walk In The Clouds, Or At Least Partially

Lundi, 5 Aout, 2013, 17h22m, Tahiti, French Polynesia

Today,we set put from our hotel and walked about 5 miles toward town, in the rain. It wasn’t rainy when we started, but it became so when we got about 3 miles into the excursion. Thankfully we had our trust green travel umbrella that I insist on leaving in the big suitcase, specifically for events just as this today. That, along with a pair of black sandals I have had for years, has traveled around the world with me, traipsing in several different countries over the years.

Today’s walk took us far enough that we got a cab and went back to the airport to rent a cab for the rest of our journey. We saw beautiful things. We stopped several times to look up at the scenery, at a beach a land’s end, and even to see five waterfalls falling from smoky mountains. It was an amazing day, especially after yesterday when we slept for literally 19 hours straight. We went to take a nap yesterday afternoon around 3pm and did not get up until almost 8am th morning. It was pretty crazy. But, after ten weeks of bar prep, I think I am still short on sleep somehow.

The waterfalls are in the wetter part of the island, which is the southern side. The west side, where we are staying and where the airport and larger town is located, is much drier. Unlike my poor Rocket Dog shoes, which are now drenched from the rainy walk and then the black sand beach water that I encountered earlier today. I really don’t know what shoes I will wear tomorrow, as th I trip I only packed one pair of real shoes. Oops on my part, but it did make packing  slot less strenuous this time. My bag only weighed 33 pounds, which means I can buy several cool souvenirs and not have to worry about it!

I do not know what all we will do tomorrow, but I know it will be an adventure. Today’s trip to Tahiti-Iti was one for the record books. It’s the furthest I have ever been away from home. I am sure the record will, too, be broken at some point in the future, but other than some place like the Maldives, that will be hard to accomplish.

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