A Day With Nothing To Do

Sunday, August 4, 2013, 11:00, Tahiti, in the South Pacific

I know to a lot of people a day with nothing to do would seem really boring, but it is exactly what we both needed. After so many months of hurry rush now, we are finally at peace. In a tropical paradise to boot.   The day started out with sleeping in and a late brunch when we finally got up and around. It was good, and since we are one of only two couples here who speak English as our native language, it is very interesting to hear the cacophony of voices from several different nations. French, Spanish, and a bit of Australian and New Zealand English mixed in for good measure.

Even though it rained today, it did not rain on our parade. It was still a wonderful day away from home and work. I will take a rainy day of vacation over a dry and sunny day of work anytime.

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