It’s the Final Countdown

Well, it’s the final countdown before the bar exam.  I have only a few days left to study, and I am trying to make the most of them.  I used three more vacation days this week so that I could relax at home, put some things out of my mind from work, and try to concentrate on the final few rules that I don’t have completely down-pat.  Honestly, there is not a lot of time to learn them, and there are just some things that I’m not going to know, and that’s okay.  Those are things that are either so obscure that they most likely won’t be tested, or honestly are things that I’ll just not get anytime soon.  There are a few legal concepts that are too confusing or too remote for me to even want to learn, unless I needed to, of course, for a client.  Then, I would do whatever it took.  Right now, though, it’s like trying to write contracts for real property and the sale of goods, get those financing statements put into the record, defend someone in a child custody battle, handle a bankruptcy proceeding for a corporation, and deal with a decedent’s estate and murder conviction all at one time.  I like general practice, but when you’re the only one trying to do them all at the same time and you have almost zero experience in the real world with any of them, it’s a little trying.  That’s what studying for the bar is like.

My friend and I share a carrel at school.  I haven’t been up there since May, other than one time to pick up a book from someone.  I haven’t been on purpose.  The full-time students without any other obligations will drive me crazy, because they want to just keep talking and seemingly never shut up, even when it’s supposed to be quiet hours.  Even having a private carrel doesn’t help much when you have so much chatter and door slamming going on.  I study alone much better than in a group.  I have really only had one study group experience, and it was a forced situation from my 1L year.  It wasn’t a pleasant experience for me, because I just learn differently than more people seem to learn.  I learn a lot more by repetition than by discussion.  the former doesn’t work well in a study group.

So, I don’t know the outcome of this test.  I won’t know until 4pm on September 6.  I hope for the best, and I hope to be successful in this endeavor.  I have an appointment with a Court of Appeals judge in September, to swear me in, riding on this dream.

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