367 Flash Cards

I made flash cards for the most important portions of the bar exam, or so I thought.  You know a test is very strange when you have 367 flash cards for the “most important” parts.  I mean, come on.  How many would I have had if I had made a flash card for all of the worthwhile points?  I’m sure it would have been more like 800.  I just have no idea how to get 367 important points into my head between now and Tuesday morning.

I have been fortunate enough to have had the best July weather our state has ever seen.  It’s been mild – 80s-90s on most days, with only a few days that were even close to 100.  We never see this kind of weather.  Yesterday, it rained here, and it was 74 most of the day.  Amazing.  Felt like being in Oceanside.  Wish I was.

I digress.

But that has become very common these past few days.  Everything is more attractive than studying.  Well, almost everything. Thinking about work is the only thing that is less attractive at this point.  Thankfully, I’ve been able to put that out of my mind as well these past few days, for the most part anyway.  And, I only have 2 days of crap between this break and my holiday, so that is a good thing.  The bad thing, though, is that after that, I only have 19 days of vacation left until next June 30.  That is bad.  I don’t know that I can make it that long.  But, at least I won’t be taking off to study for finals anymore.  Done with that.  Hopefully done with this silly bar exam experience as well.

I was reading a chat room blog night before last.  It was hilarious.  It is so very true what they say about the bar exam.  I know more right now about most of the subjects on the bar than most attorneys who are in practice. Why?  Because, where you can’t so much as bring a gum wrapped (containing the gum) with you to the bar exam, you’re actually encouraged and expected to use reference materials in the real practice of law.  It’s like totally against every ethics code to not cite cases and such, and rely on the current law in your jurisdiction while representing clients.  It’s like sanctionable.  Which, of course, I know you can’t do until you give the poor attorney 21 days to cure his defects.  How do I know that?  Civ Pro Bar Exam Studying.  Yeah.

I haven’t cried today.  I did yesterday, I think.  Honestly the days have blended all together at this point.  I’m not sure it’s Saturday, but that’s what I’ve heard.  I did shower this morning, and I even washed my hair.  I have kept my grooming up-to-snuff, mainly because if I have to run out to the store to get more vanilla lattes they won’t think I’m either trying to steal something or that I’m that homeless lady who keeps hanging around for no reason.  I don’t want to show up on “People of Kroger” if you know what I mean.

So, with a mere 2 days left, I have crammed just about all I can into this noggin of mine.  There isn’t room for much of anything else.  I have been off Facebook for almost three weeks, I only check Twitter to see if the world is still spinning, and I haven’t talked to anyone outside of my house in several days, other than a brief phone call to my mother yesterday to let her know I’m still among the living.  I just can’t have anything else in my head, and it seems like if I can just keep what’s in there now, and not let it escape or be overwritten by something else, I might just have a shot at passing.

Then, I get to be a real lawyer.  You know, then kind that looks up the law before he writes a motion or does a deposition, instead of just relying on his memory from bar study to hope he doesn’t get sanctioned.

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