Finally after what seemed like a million years, they posted grades this evening around 6:30pm. Of course, the were two professors who, for whatever reason, missed the deadline and still don’t have their grades ready. Really? You were given a full month. I mean, I know it is the holidays and all, but that is simply ridiculous. I mean, what would they have done if we had said that we needed a few more days before we turned in our papers? Anyway, the wait is over, and for some, their is crying and gnashing of teeth. For me,there is joy for this was one of the best semesters of law school for me. And I really wondered about for a bit there. I really was worried about one particular class. I wondered I had even passed. But, I did, and actually I did a lot better than I had assume in my other classes. Unless I screw up something really bad, I will even graduate with honors. Not bad for a much older student with a full time job and a family.

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