Ahhh Oceanside

We just got back from a trip, yes. But, we had an airline voucher we could mot use on that trip because it was twice the price to try to use it than it was to buy our plane tickets flying out of another airport not serviced by the airline from which we have the voucher. So, we just booked another trip. This time, we a returning to a wonderful place we have been before. Oceanside, California. The place where I love to return.

Oceanside is a mid size town with like 180,000 residents, I think. It sits, yes, on the ocean about forty miles north of San Diego. It is home to nearby Camp Pendleton, a Marine base where several of my friends have trained over the years. Their recollections of Oceanside are not nearly as fond as mine.

We took our kids there about 6 years ago, although it honestly seems like it was yesterday. I watched my son play in the ocean, although it was shivering cold. I watched him truly enjoy himself and have a blast along with his newish step-siblings. It was such a great trip.

This year, we are only going for a long weekend, but ling enough to relax a bit and maybe drive up the coast on the PCH. If h bag  never driven the Pacific Coast Highway, it is frilly something you should do at least once in your life. There is no place like it on the planet.

This time, it will just be the two of us and our youngest child,the only one still left at home. She and I are both on spring break that week,so it will be a nice break from school.  The last one I will have, I suppose, before the inevitable bar exam come July.

So, we have something to which to look forward. My soul is a traveling one. I get it honestly from my grandmother and my father, just like my son gets it honestly from me.

Until then, California dreams.

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