Where is my Claritin?

I hate this weather. On again off again. Hot cold. Rain snow ice heat. Arkansas, please make up your ever living mind!!

So I am all stuffy. And sniffly. As in a CANNOT BREATHE. And I am out of Claritin. This is horrible.

Thanks to all the idiot meth makers in our lovely state, the ability for a sick person to actually get anything that actually works for congestion is greatly thwarted.  You basically have to promise that you really are sick, as if my constantly stuffy/runny /bright red Rudolph nose is not enough, and you have to sign away your first born. And the evil pharmacy people always look at you like you are a criminal.

I get really get tired of this. I go once a year to get Clairitin. I wish they would just take them off the OTC market and make us go to the doctor. At least I would not feel like I needed to fill out thirteen forms and BEG the pharmacy for the only thing I can take that makes any difference. I guess the state legislature doesn’t care if I am actually able to breathe.  They would rather make sure I am not making meth.

Here is a hint: I hate the way the meds make me feel. But at least I can breathe. I have never done any drugs. I am certainly not going to start now. So, please let me breathe. I am pretty sure that “life” is in the constitution. Life = breathing, just in case you didn’t know. Thus, in this case, I think Claritin is a constitutional right.

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