Grades Tomorrow!

Well tomorrow, or maybe it is Tuesday, we will finally receive our grades. We have been waiting over a month, so we are always pretty stoked about getting them when we do. I always want to be somewhere alone – like in my office or carrel wit the door shut – so that I can react on my own without having to react in front of others. I really have no idea how I do in one class, although I feel pretty good about the other three.

We shall see.

This will be the last time I get grades before graduation. It is, as I have written previously, bittersweet. I look forward to getting our and taking the bar, but on the other hand, it scares me a bit. Before I do something for the first time, I am always a bit nervous. Take for instance today at the car wash.

I don’t remember ever going through the drive thru car wash by myself. Perhaps I have and I just don’t remember it. Perhaps I did when I was single. Today, though, I did for sure, as I went by after I went to the law library to copy some papers for Securities Regulation. The library is close  tomorrow for the holiday, so I had to go today since I had no chance to go at other times.  It snowed here about three weeks ago, and I had not gotten my car washed since. Since it was a nice sixty degrees here today, I thought that it might be a good day to try to get it cleaned up. I pulled through the car wash line, a bit nervous that I would somehow screw it up.

I know. There is a track you drive in.  You have to put your car in neutral and keep your hands off the wheel. It seems simple. It was fine, and I did not screw it up, but I certainly wondered if the car wash attendants would talk about me later, snickering and pointing. But, they won’t, I thin, because I did it right this time.

So, the bar comes soon. Let’s hope, like the carwash today, I get it right, put my brain in neutral, keep my hands off the wheel, and just cruise on into passing.

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