New iPhone

So I finally moved into the 21st century and bought an iPhone on Thursday. I had a work phone, and they decided to go to a stipend program where they will pay us a portion of the bill if we would move to a phone that we own a d manage ourselves. I don’t know how many people decided to take them up on the offer, but I was the first person in line on Thursday morning to move mine over to my own account.  I have loved it so far, and adding apps and such is a breeze. I am still getting used to the touchscreen but as it is very similar to my Kindle, I have really enjoyed it a lot and it has not been difficult to figure out.

I swear just having the phone makes me a happier person. No, I should not let material things do that to me, but in this case, it is not that is a material item, really. It is that it makes my life easier.  The things I hated the most about my stupid blackberry were that it didn’t have ever much speed, it had no real zoom capabilities, it could not take a decent photo in dim light because it lacked a flash (I mean, who makes  camera without a flash?), but most of all the fact that it took 12 minutes (yes minutes) to come back on if it reset. And it reset all the time because it would simply reset itself if I placed it gently on the table. Or if I sneezed. Or if the sun shined on my patio. Or if the Earth turned. You get my point. It was, simply put, completely unreliable.

I have only added a few apps so far, things that I thought were useful or that I might need.  I don’t want to take up all my memory and have to delete something. Best of all, it is mine. No one can tell me not to have Facebook on it. No one can read my texts, not that I write bad ones. And no one can force me to give them the number.  It feels really good and makes me feel more like a grown up. Which I know sounds hideously silly.

I have a good life. Sometimes I let things get to me that I should not. I sometimes react no harshly to things than I should. Most of the time, honestly, it is that there are a hundred little annoyances that just build up and take over. The BlackBerry was one of those, and it was annoying enough for three or four things together, at least.

I know it sounds really dumb to say this, but I think that the new iPhone will make me a calmer person, just because I have rid myself of 20th century technology by ditching the BlackBerry.

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