Reading Statutes

So I am taking securities regulation this semester. I am someone who had never had a financial class in my life before law school. I have never played the stock maLoLorket before quite recently, save for my work related 403(b) plan. I know almost nothing about securities.

So I am reading securities statues tonight in the hopes that I can glean some tidbit of info to help me in this endeavor. It is not working. I do understand the main concepts, but a financial genius I am not. I would have made a horrible accountant, for one thing I would have been bored silly.  Don’t get me wrong, I was excellent in math. I can balance a checkbook or do my taxes in less time than it takes to make chicken noodle soup in the microwave. I just don’t like to do it.

You see, when I was younger and really, really had zero money, I had to balance my poor checkbook to the penny. If I didn’t I might not have had any pennies left to make it through the week. I guess that is why now if I am about $100 or so within what I think the bank thinks I have, I call it good and move on.

Let me clarify. I am not being flippant about money or balancing my checkbook. I am merely stating that since I have gotten older, I just don’t worry about money like I used to. I would spend hours obsessing about how I was going to pay the bills. Hours spent that I never ever get back. I can’t use those hours again. They are GONE.

I don’t obsess anymore because I have placed myself in a position where I don’t have to. I am married  to someone who is just as frugal as I am, so we save to purchase the things we really want instead of buying things just to make us get along. In my former life that was not the case.  I struggled every month trying to figure out how to “make it” without any help from the other side. I do not have to do that now, and it feels really good. Outward appearances can be very deceiving.

I have recently put someone toward a stock in a REIT and am eagerly watching it grow. I plan to purchase more stock k something else soon. Just a bit for fun if nothing else.

I hope to learn enough about securities law to actually do some good one day. We shall see.

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