Torture, Really

January 12, 2013. 13:59, Atlanta Hartsfield Airport

It is the absolute torture test. We are sitting here at our gate at ATL, waiting on our flight. We had a really long layover to get back to Memphis, while the same gate has folks going to Ft. Lauderdale. Really? Could we have gotten a more slap in the face gate assignment?  We just left there, left the sun, fun, sand, and sleep.

There are storms Memphis and Little Rock, which means we will end up either delayed (joy!) or driving through the storms. Either is gross. I just don’t wanna do either. I have a passport, money  and some luggage, so I think that we should just find another place to go and call from afar to have our house put on the market. I think it sounds like a great plan.

All the people at the gate right now are jumping around and appear happy. Not us. We look miserable.

Yes, I should stop whining. I just don’t want to go home. I never do.

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