January 12, 2013 15:12, ATL airport

Overheard today:

A twenty-something whining about having to break up with her boyfriend because on their trip to France last year they did not get along so well. Poor baby. I am 41, and I have never we been to France. Quit whining.

Same twenty-something saying she was so super pumped about her new roommate this semester, who was nice enough to receive her boxes she had shipped from home, that she had taken on holiday break.

Older ladies, unsure of where exactly they are on the cruise ship they will apparently board tomorrow. They ended up being across the hall from one another.

A girl studying something in a workbook, with highlighters. I will be there again soon, I fear. I wonder if I can donate my highlighters to a home for retired highlighters when I get out of law school?

Some foreign stuff I could not understand. I think it was French or maybe Spanish. You can tell I don’t speak either since I can’t even tell the difference unless I hear enough of it.

A baby talking in another gate area, but loud enough for me to hear it here.

A matching couple in some sort of sports t-shirt set.

Several singles traveling.

A guitar player.

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