Roll Tide

January 7, 2013 20:55, deck 16, Caribbean Princess, somewhere in the Caribbean Sea

I can think of nowhere better to watch a national football championship game than where I am right at this very moment. I am sitting, front row, watching a huge picture in front of me. Right now, be for the game starts, we are watching a U2 concert that was recorded at some point recently. It is pretty good. It reminds me of a friend back home has seen them live in concert several times. At one point she was one of those types who follow their favorite band to concerts around the country. I don’t know how many times she has seen them, but it is a lot.

But, tonight, we are sitting ringside to see Alabama, a true SEC powerhouse, take on Notre Dame, the fighting Irish. I know some Irish folks, and they always seem a bit high-ranking, so I can see why the believe they are “fighting”.  I can totally see it.

Now, since this is SEC versus somebody else (and does it really matter what other conference? Um, no), we are folly rooting for the Tide. The thing is that I think we are outnumbered. That is a bit weird, as we deleted from Florida on our way here. I really thought there were more Bama fans, surely, than Irish. But, apparently not. I didn’t even wear any red.  I should have, but with l the green here, it would have felt like Christmas. Since it is past New Years, that would have been really weird.

But we are here to represent, as my friend Mark says. We have to stand strong for our conference, which is without a doubt the best one in the country.  I honestly believe that a team should not be able to be number one unless that team has played someone in the SEC.

So, tonight’s wish is to see Bama kick Notre Dame to the curb. ROLL TIDE

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