January 7, 2013 18:24 on the Caribbean Sea

Wow. So I am sitting outside on our balcony, watching a beautiful sunset, waiting for the “sizzle” when the sun touches the horizon. Next door is a couple who apparently like to argue about most everything. It is amazing that the were even able to agree to come on this vacation. Perhaps they were not, but neither of them appears to be beaten or bruised, and I don’t see any shackles.

So they were talking about buying a new house or furnishing on they are buying. I couldn’t really tell because they were not making a whole lot of sense at first.  Apparently she wants her house to be decorated like someone they know. He didn’t really want to purchase new furniture.  They also are apparently traveling with a few other people, and the last seems to be a bit of an artist.

Thus the reason fortnight post. . . She mentioned that she really wanted to sketch earlier. He said she should have gone up and sat with the male in the party with whom they are traveling. She scoffed and said that that would be weird. Then he said he didn’t understand why and that she didn’t have to spend  every waking moment with him. She then asked him if he wanted to swap partners. As in swinging I assume. He told her she was nuts and that just because he said that it didn’t mean he meant she was supposed to sleep with the other guy. That just hanging out with him didn’t mean she had to continue.

They argues some more about other things, and then he finally went inside. I have to not go find some aspirin as my mouth is bleeding from biting the inside of my lip to keep from laughing.

Did I mention we saw dolphins today?  They were wonderful.

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