To Formal or Not to Formal

January 7, 2013 18:06, in the Caribbean

On every cruise, they have at least one formal night, or at least on the cruises on which we have traveled. Sometimes there is more than one formal night, depending on the length of the cruise. This one, with 7 nights, has two formal nights. Every cruise before this one we have attended the formal nights, dressing into pretty nice attire such as long evening gowns and tuxedos and such. This cruise we decided that we would only attend one of the formal nights, if that much. We really wanted this to  to be truly relaxing without a lot of hassle. We dress up as it is, so it is not like we own clothes that we do not wear.

The first formal night this time is tonight. The ship’s time also changed today so in essence we would be eating at 16:30, which is just too early. We didn’t eat lunch until nearly 14:00, mainly because we slept in and enjoyed the morning. So, eating dinner at that point in the early evening was just not attractive.

We decided not to go to both formal nights this time also so that we could  pack a bit lighter than usual. I really didn’t want to bring another pair of shoes, and j was only going to be able to wear the shoes with my formal gown with that gown and nothing else. It seemed like a waste to bring anything otherwise.

Instead of formal night, we are hanging out and going to head up to the informal restaurant a little later. Th  only thing I hate is that for the first time we got a table for two.  We usually end up at a huge table or a table for four where we might feel uncomfortable. We have met some really cool people by having a larger table, but this time we just wanted to be alone. And we lucked into it.

So, although we will have no formal night tonight, we will enjoy the company of one another on our own schedule and watch the Crimson Tide, hopefully kick Notre Dame to the curb. ROLL TIDE

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