MPRE update

Forgot post that I passed. Not only did I pass, I frankly kicked bootie.  I was so happy at my score I didn’t know how to act.

You can do it! There are six simple rules:

1.  Don’t lie in court or for your client.
2.  Don’t mix your client’s and your own funds.
3.  Don’t steal from you client’s.
4.  Don’t cheat your clients and instead provide excellent representation.
5.  Don’t represent opposing parties (without getting your client’s informed written consent, but it is still a bad idea).
6.  Don’t sleep with you client unless you were sleeping with him/her before the representation began.

If you can remember these six fairly simple and straightforward rules, you are halfway to passing the MPRE.

Good luck in April. You have to believe you can do it.

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