A Rough Sea to Lighten Your Constitution

January 8, 2013 12:59, about three hours outside of Curacao on the Caribbean Sea
We are a bit delayed due to rough seas. It is like being on a constant roll coaster, somewhat, without the wind in your face. Sitting outside is one thing. We did that for revel hours this morning, just trying to get some air and be outside for a bit while the weather was nice. It is about 75 degrees, probably, although it is very hard to tell with so much wind. I could not write on this this morning while we were on deck, because I was honestly afraid that my kindle was going to blow out of my hand and oh to sea. I am sitting in the Explorers Lounge waiting on Sweetie to get back so that we can watch a movie. It is cool in here, like it is on most ships’ interior spaces, so he went to get my blankey so that I will be warm sitting here.

We have used our drink cards fairly often, totally getting our money’s worth. The coolest thing, no pun intended, is that I can get fruit smoothies for free because of the drink card. So, I am able to enjoy a treat I had back home here on the ship.

The strangest thing about today, although it is not surprising, is that they closed the outside area along the starboard and port sides on deck 7 due to wind and high, rough seas. The deck is completely wet and fairly slippery I would assume. They closed it this morning, so we have  not been able to go out there at all today. So, we spent our time this morning up on the top of deck 15 above the back pool. The wind was really tough, but it was such q nice breeze. I really enjoyed it and fell asleep several times.

So we are going to watch a movie and hang out, which will be nice. It is about rain outside so it will be nice to be inside for a while. There is a band warming up right now, which is funny, because they always warm up basically the same. Now they have started playing, and it is in another language. The folks on this cruise come from so many different countries that you hear a cacophony of voices anywhere you go.  We are going to watch Hope Floats, and we are, by far, the youngest people in this whole lounge. I like that. The younger folks tend to be more rude than the older ones are.

Another thing we have noticed about this boast is that there has been very little complaining. On other ships, we have heard nearly constant complaining which gets really old after a few days. I hear enough of that at work.  I don’t know if the folks on this ship have just traveled more and know the things happen or if the at older, or if they are more moneyed and not as inconsiderate and rude as the non-traveled, younger, and less affluent are.

Either way, today has been a great day and we have had fun. Curacao to come this afternoon.

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