Where I Am Meant to Be

Sometimes I wonder why my parents didn’t invest in the stick market or have fancy jobs like some of the people I encounter on a daily basis. Sometimes, like this evening when we were sitting on the dock waiting for the water taxi to come get us, seeing the rich and famous hang out in their yachts around the interviewers waterway, I wonder why I don’t own a yacht and live in Florida. It does make you wonder how your life would be different If your parents would have been wealthy what a difference it would have made in your life.

Then you start to think about the choices you have made in your own life that might have made a difference in both your life and the life of your kids, if you have any.  It can be almost depressing if you let yourself to down that road too far. That is when you have to step back and be thankful for the things you do gave in your life, things you have earned yourself through hard work and perseverance. 

A co-worker gave me a book for Christmas that I just love. It is a one sentence daily journal that lasts for five years. It sounds like a long commitment and it is. It will be fun, though because it will be challenging and fulfilling all at the same time. It will five me a way to look back on the time as it passes and smile, laugh or even cry and scream at the memories. Yes, it is supposed to be a happiness journal, and for the most part it will be, but there will be times when there will be nothing happy about that particular day.

As we were sitting in Lulu’s bar tonight looking out at the Atlantic, it I occurred to me that I a a very lucky girl. In the past eight years, I have traveled all over the country and been to several I the foreign countries with Sweetie. I have pursued a law degree, which was a long term dream. I will have zero student loan debt when I graduate, something most of my friends cannot say. And, most importantly, I am married to my dream guy.

So, while I may not own a yacht, I do have a lot to be thankful for.

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