33,000 Feet

As I type this, we are in flight via AirTran to Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  We will be leaving out on a cruise tomorrow morning to the Bahamas, Aruba, and Curacao. We have not been to the latter two nor Ft. Lauderdale before, so this time we really are going somewhere different. It will be a nice escape from the cold temperatures of Little Rock and from both work and school. It is really the last trip before school starts back for me in my final semester of law school. Then there is the bar exam, which I fear is going to kick my butt. I have no real idea how I am going to study for the bar and keep my full time job successfully. I will fight it out, though, as I always do.

The weird thing about this trip is that we are seated in the next to last row on the plane, and as such, we have no view other than the engines. They are painted blue, so it is almost like they are an ocean color. The trip from Memphis to Atlanta we uneventful, with the clearest skies on any plane trip in recent memory.  Clear skies mean smooth flying, since there are no clouds to cause turbulence. Also, although to his was our first time flying this airline, I am very impressed. They took off as soon as everyone was boarded, which meant that we had plenty of time between out flights to get from one gate to the next. They boarded the connecting flight the same way, and even though there was a minor mechanical issue, they fixed it in about 15 minute, and we were on our way. The flight attendants and gate staff have all been very helpful and greeted us with a warm welcome. These things don’t happen on both airlines. I have flown a lot over the past 12 years, and this is one of the best flights I have ever experienced. Good job!

So we board the ship tomorrow, and we will be out of cell service for about a week.  One glorious week to enjoy before going back to the rat race and the upcoming semester and bar exam. One last bureau before this writer’s four year law school journey is over, completing s goal and long term dream.

Until next time, happy flying and enjoy these beautiful blue skies.

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