Strange Things I Noticed Today

Every day, I find myself noticing strange things.  I’ve decided to keep a log, mostly to be able to remember to tell the stories to others later, but also because I have too much rattling around in my head.  I need to do some brain house-cleaning, basically.  So…from yesterday, I have the following to offer:

  1. The red minivan in traffic in front of me on JFK today was soooo slooowwww.  Like turtle slow.  It was one of those things where the person in the other lane goes just fast enough so you can’t pass, but just slow enough so that you can’t get behind them, either.  So, I’m stuck behind red mini-van lady, who was apparently doing her makeup while driving, most of the way into downtown.
  2. They have created a roundabout to the law school, which I love.  It makes my afternoon commute shorter and easier.  From my office, I have several routes I can take, but I discovered a new one yesterday, when I went all the way down 14th Street and found that it ends at the exact road onto which I must turn to get to the roundabout.  Score!
  3. Once one the street that goes to the ronudabout, I noticed a man, sitting at a picnic table in the park, dressed in full Jungle Jim regalia.  It was pretty funny, but the best part was that he had one of those kerosene lanterns lit on the table, you know, the one with the little silk bag that burns the fuel.  This would be okay, if it had been dark, or even dusk, but it was around 4:45pm, and the sun was shining brightly.  Odd


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