Last Year of Law School Starts Today

Every year on the day we start law school, I pull out of my school bag two things to look at and read again, to make me remember that this dream is possible. One of those things is a greeting card and one is a photo.

The greeting card, dated 8/15/09, was given to me the morning we started orientation at school three years ago. It says that I can do this thing, basically, and I read it every first day and every first day of finals, and sometimes in between.

The photo is My Inspiration. It’s a photo of Ken in the 1960s, looking all cool in his 60s clothing and shaggy haircut. I know he would be so incredibly proud of me, and I most certainly would not be doing this without his guidance and mentoring.

I am serving as a mentor again this year to the UnderLs 1L class, who start today. Seeing the nervous looks on their faces made me remember our first day, when we all met and started getting to know one another and were scared to death that we’d be the one chosen first in class to recite a case. Ah, I still get those butterflies!

Best of luck to everyone starting on this new adventure. It is worth it, and you’ll have some of the most enjoyable learning experiences of your lives!

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