I knew I shouldn’t have.  I knew I would spend immense amounts of time on it.  I told myself over and over – don’t do it.  Then a friend told me how much fun she had on it.  She didn’t tell me until after I’d signed up that she had to limit herself to 2 hours a day.  Now, I’m in the same boat.

I signed up for Pinterest.

I love it.  I am completely hooked.  I feel I cannot live without it. It makes me happy. My name is chetsbabe, and I am a Pinterest junkie.

They say that admission is the first step to recovery.  So, I’ve admitted it.  Now I can recover, right?  I think that would involve giving it up, so I probably won’t recover.  But, it is not as bad as some things I could do, so I guess it’s not that bad after all.

It’s okay because:

1.  It really doesn’t cost anything.

2.  I use my time goofing off on Pinterest instead of shopping, thus saving money.

3.  I can connect with tons of friends and others who share this same addiction.

4.  I love what I find on it.  It’s like the best of the web, without having to go through all the web searches and such.

So, there.  I’m not quitting.  I’ll just do like I did with date night and law school.  I’ll set limits and then stick by them.  I can do this.  So can you.

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