Welcome to the Breakfast Club

So, this semester, several of my friends and I decided to take a class that meets on two weekends.  This would not be so bad, but it’s freezing in this room, and we will go completely stir crazy by the time 5:30pm on Sunday rolls around.  It makes me really feel like we are participants in some sort of funny law school Breakfast Club joke.  For those of you who grew up in the 1980s, you know exactly what I mean.  For those of you who didn’t, just look it up.

We have all the elements of the Club:  the library, the parking lot drop off area, the motley group of students, (the geek, the jock, the princess, the basket case.  I’m pretty sure I’m the latter, although I’m striving to be the third in line in that little scenario.) the weary looks from long nights spent studying (or partying for those younger students), and the interesting lunches we’ve brought to get us through the day.

Law school is about many things.  Most of all, it’s about sacrifice.  Like today, us all sacrificing yet another Saturday to get through the experience and get to graduation.  It’s about patience, with countless hours spent alone, reading, writing papers and briefs, and stuck in classes when you think the clock is certainly stuck and the hour will never end.  It’s about lack of a life outside of law school, if you let it do that to you.  It’s about finding out the strength of your relationships, as it will push those to the limits and test even the strongest.  It’s about finding your way and about finding the things that really interest you.  It’s about learning.

So, as we embark on this morning’s Breakfast Club experience, I wish all the free among you a good Saturday.  I’ll be here, yet again, waiting until the imaginary bell rings at 5:30, releasing us to the rest of our Saturday.



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