Eating Dinner at 5:00pm CT

So tonight sweetie and I decided to go to Lowe’s around three o’clock. I got dressed up, because I had been installing tile all day long. He looked at me before we left and he asked me if he should wear something nicer, in case we were going somewhere other than letters. I said yes. He put on a pair of shorts and a shirt, and we left. We ended our Lowe’s trip about 4:30.  He looked at me and asked me where else we wanted to go, and I said I really didn’t know. We drove down the street a ways, and then he said he needed to eat pretty soon. Again, it was 4:30 PM, so eating at that hour was completely out of the question. We didn’t want to appear like we were 75 years old.

We decided to go eat at one of our favorite fish restaurants, about 20 min. from where we were. Thankfully this added another 20 min. to our trip, and by the time we got out of the truck and got sat down another 10 min. have passed. It was around five o’clock, so I didn’t feel as old as I probably should have, that we were by far the youngest people in the restaurant.  By like 20 years.I could feel the age spots bursting on my hands as we sat down, and old men in the restaurant were staring at me like I was a fresh piece of meat.

It’s funny how old people eat at such an early hour in the afternoon, like they’re going to have to stand in line if they go later, or even that they will starve if they don’t eat before five o’clock.I wonder how old you have to be to want to eat dinner before five o’clock? Is there a magic cut off? Like it to be 65, does that automatically make me want to eat dinner before five o’clock? I hope not. I really like eating dinner later, say seven o’clock.

Regardless, the food was great, the company even better, and after a hard day of tiling our shower, any food was good. I also had a glass of wine which helped, and we came home so that I could start reading for Monday’s class, which I’ve put off until now. Usually I read on Thursday evenings and Friday nights as necessary, but for the past two evenings I’ve been working on our shower until almost 10 o’clock every night. Now that the tile is up, the only thing that we have left to do is the grout and to hang the shower doors back up. I’m very excited to have this project done, as it means that I can list my house pretty soon, and start working on building our dream house.

I hope you all have a good evening, and for those tilers out there, best of luck, and happy tiling.


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