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so last weekend at mediation seminar we took a personality test. I’ve taken these before but it’s been a while and I really didn’t know how I would fare. I wondered if I could trick the system like I used to be able to when I was a little kid. It’s not that hard really because all you have to do is know what you’re doing and you can trick the system. This personality test was about different conflict resolution styles and I really didn’t know what mine would be but I had a good idea.I’m usually the type who is a conflict manager by default. There were four different styles from what I remember. One of those was kind of the angry style, one was the style where the person really doesn’t even really manages all and just ignores it, one was the collaborator, and one was the compromiser. What’s funny is today I can’t even remember which one I was !I think I was the compromiser because I usually try to compromise between two different things at work I have to really because my job people fight all the time and I’m the one that has to make the deal work between the two parties. I didn’t really get into my job thinking I would be a compromiser, which is somewhat like a babysitter, on a daily basis but I did.

So are sitting in class last weekend and she tells us that all of the compromisers need to get together and talk about our compromising abilities so we did. We talked about how compromising is good but it’s also bad. It’s good because people get together and talk about what they want to talk about and come up with a resolution. It’s bad because people get together and talk about what they want to talk about and don’t get exactly what they want. The worst part of being a compromiser is that you end up halfway getting what you want and halfway giving in to the other side. Not always a bad thing but sometimes it’s very annoying.

We all had the same sense of annoyance about being a compromiser, we all felt the same way about giving in to the other side. Some people probably think it’s not giving in to the other side they think that it’s more of a allowing our own issues to become less important. In the end it really is giving in to the other side because the other side isn’t really giving anything, or so it seems. Sometimes there are days whenever I is a compromiser feel like I’m giving in to the other side all the time and not getting anything in-between. Sometimes as a compromiser fills good to make a deal because you walk away from it with something in hand is supposed to giving in everything getting nothing. The hardest part of Viacom provides are we all agreed was that we end up giving in the other party gives in and then the other party if they’re not compromiser really gets mad because they didn’t get exactly what they wanted. It’s kind of tough sometimes.

Personality test in general can be tricked. There some companies that claim that they make a personality test can’t be tricked but I haven’t found one yet. If you know how to answer the questions you know how to get the results that they’re looking for it just depends on whether or not you want to answer the questions in the right way to get the results they’re looking for or if you want to get a true result of what you actually are on the inside. Apparently were going to be taking some personality tests work that should prove interesting. I’m not sure when they’re going to do them, but I plan to give it my best shot and not trick the system. I’ve got grown up early years and decided that I’d rather know what my real feelings are than to try to trick the system and give somebody what they want. I guess I’m just too damn old to really care what other people think about my personality!

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