Cherry Chapstick

I’m frankly amused at the popularity of cherry chap stick. Last weekend mediation seminar looked around and there were no less than three other people who had cherry chap stick with them that day. I am a fan of cherry chap stickand, of course. My little sister is a Chapstick fanatic. She has no less than non-tubes of Chapstick in her purse at any one time. She’s done this for years and years and we all have a good laugh about it from time to time. I guarantee right now she has a lease 15 flavors on her dresser. She probably has about seven or eight in her purse. At least one of these is going to be a cheery variety of some sort.

So last week and I’m sitting in mediation seminar I looked around and there were three other tubes of cherry Chapstick that I saw immediately. This is amusing to me because one of them was a guy one was a girl and then one of them was another girl on the other side of the room. I was the fourth. I had at least two tubes with me so I can’t really say much about my sister. Chapstick is a big thing in our family apparently.

Whenever I was little kid I remember my grandfather always had Chapstick on his dresser. The black-and-white tubes remind me, still to this day, when I go to the store and see them of my grandfather. The smell of the white Chapstick in those black-and-white tubes always gives me a little bit of a smile because I think about how he used to have those all the time and if I begged him enough he would give me one to take with me whenever I when outside. I wonder if my sister and I and our Chapstick fanaticism has something to do with her grandfather. I mean we have to get this honest right?

I don’t know why cherry chap stick is the most popular flavor or so it seems when you go to the store.  They have the black and white kind; you can buy it still. they just don’t have as many black and white to state a chariot seems. It sounded like one dollar at two. So it’s really inexpensive easily available and a great accessory for apparently girl or guy. I think I like cherry chap stick because smells good. It also gives your lips just a little tiny tent of red which is also good especially for someone like me who doesn’t wear lipstick at all. I hate lipstick because he could tell every her clothes. It also draws at my lips. I’ve never seen or tested a variety that worked at all. None of them say on my lips, I have to keep putting them on, and I just really don’t like the way fills my lips. So cherry chap stick it is for me.

my husband is in the Chapstick fan. I have this chocolate variety there really liked, and he hates it. It’s chocolate for goodness sake how bad can it be? It has Snoopy, Linus, and Woodstock on it, three of my favorite characters ever, so you think he’d like it right? But no he doesn’t. This is disturbing, because I think if he had chocolate Chapstick I would like it!

In general, Cherry Chapstick appears to be the most popular flavor out there. Whether that’s because it tastes good, it looks good, or it’s just better than the plain white variety, we may never know. I guess I could do a survey one day to figure it out.

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