The Haunted Mirror Dream

So, for years, I’ve had vivid dreams.  Dreams that I can remember even days or weeks later, some of which are quite scary.  One that comes back from time to time is the scary haunted mirror dream.

Yes, I know this sounds silly.

I think that old mirrors are creepy.  If I ever buy an old house, I would have to go through and change out the mirrors.  It’s like I’m looking into another face when I look into an old mirror.  Even at antique stores, they creep me out a bit.

Let me clarify – I don’t actually see any old faces.  I just feel like I am looking into someone else’s long-departed face, seeing somehow into his or her soul.  When I go house-hunting, I always avoid looking into the mirrors. I guess I’m a bit afraid of what I might actually see.  I’ve never ever seen anything else, but I just get the feeling that I will if I look long enough.

I think this was all caused by watching too many scary movies as a child, or something.  I’m not really sure.  I just know they creep me out really bad.

So this latest dream was about a house that we saw a week or so ago.  We went on a tour of it with our realtor, just to see what it was all about, as we had driven by before and liked the outside.  Honestly, I knew when we pulled up that, of all the houses we had looked at, this was my favorite by far.

Inside, there were not a lot of mirrors (yeah!), so I didn’t get creeped out at all when we were there.  After we left, I really didn’t think about it either.  But, that night, when I went to bed, I dreamed about the people who used to live there.  I wondered if the faces I saw were their actual faces?  Who knows, and who would ever be able to tell me?  I don’t know that if I saw them again that I would recognize them, anyway.

We haven’t made a decision yet on the house, but I know one thing for sure.  If we buy it, the mirrors have to go.



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