Studying for Class. Yucky

Today is the first day, as far as I’m concerned anyway, of the Spring semester.  I say it’s the first day, because it’s the first day I’ve had to study.  Yuck.

Today I’m reading for two classes that I have.  This week’s assignments aren’t too bad, but reading about some of the same stuff I’ve had in several classes is quite boring, honestly.  I just don’t know how I’m going to use this information when I get out of school.  Which, by the way is only 488 days from today.  Not that I’m counting or anything!

We embark on Tuesday on the next to next to last semester of our law school journey.  For some of the people we started with on August 20, 2009, this is their last semester.  Some started out full-time, and they are graduating with their full-time class.  Some have switched from part-time to full-time and have taken summer or other classes to be able to get out this May.  I could not have done that because of my job, so I am stuck with another two semesters after this one.  Of course, even if I could have I probably wouldn’t have wanted to switch to full-time, just because I truly like my night class folks a lot better than some of the daytime folks.  This particular class has lots of really good daytime students who I have come to regard as friends.  Unfortunately, the class that started in 2011 Fall has a bunch of really snobbish people who think they are apparently God’s gift to the legal world, and of course, they all know everything about every subject for which they have worked for 3 months or volunteered over a weekend. 

So, I’m glad to be graduating with people who don’t have that same disorder.

Anyway, I have to get back to it or I will be here until midnight. I want to read some more of my novel tonight and do a bit of crochet as well.

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