If I Had 10 Years to Live

If I knew I only had ten years left to live, I would definitely do things differently.

1. I would quit my job. I would live off whatever money we have, and I would find a job with less stress and more time to relax.

2. I would quit law school. If I only had ten years left to live, I would not want to spend even one more moment wasted in the evenings away from my Sweetie.

3. I would sell my house and buy a beach house, so that I could enjoy living at the ocean at least as long as possible.

4. I would eat all the junk food I wanted.

5. I would drink all the caffeine I wanted.

6. I would start writing my memoirs, for my son's sake.

7. I would get another dog so that she would have a playmate.

8. I would tell my kids to pay for their own college because I'd honestly spend every dime I make on having fun myself. If they thought that was calloused, I'd remind them that the life insurance proceeds they'd eventually get would more than pay off their student loans.

9. I would find time to be outside in the sun as much as possible, using sunscreen only so that I wouldn't burn.

10. I would take an around-the-world trip, even if it meant wearing a backpack and living in garages.

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