Shopping for a Bra

It’s something that every girl has to do, but it’s also something the most won’t talk about.  It’s bra shopping, and it’s something that is a bit weird.  I don’t really like to go, although I like having new ones for various reasons.  I almost have to trick myself into going, like I did today.

I went to JC Penney to shop for an electric blanket.  Yes, I know it’s still summer in the South, but our house is cold in the evenings.  If I’ve been swimming and taken a shower before bed, my hair is usually wet because I don’t dry it as it just makes it really frizzy.  So, if my hair is wet, then I’m even colder than I would have been otherwise.  Anyway, that’s what I set out to do today, but when my body starting telling me again that I needed new bras, I decided to listen.

I have been losing weight for about 8 weeks now, on purpose.  I went on my 40th birthday cruise, and when we got the photos back, I realized I was really getting larger than I wanted to be.  I had a friend who was using, and I decided to give it a try.  So far, I’ve lost about 15 pounds using good food choices and exercise.  It feels so much better even to have just lost that much.  My goal was to lose 35 all together, which is doable, if I just stick with it.  It’s tougher than it was when I was younger, and it’s also very much harder than it would be if I wasn’t in law school.  It’s hard to find time to work out, and especially hard since I don’t get home until 9pm and am not a morning person, so 5:30am workouts just seem like some sort of torture device.

So, because I’ve lost some weight, it came from all over, including the boobies.  I lost a whole cup size several years ago while I was getting a divorce, since I had nothing better to do with my time than to work out and watch what I ate.  I ended up losing about 40 pounds that time, and I didn’t start out heavy, so it was a big deal.  My “fat” pants fell off my body when I put them on.

This time, although I haven’t lost a whole cup size, I have lost enough to make a 2″ difference in the circumference size.  The two together really make it where the bras don’t fit properly, and they kind of slink down instead of supporting.  Thus, my dilemma today.

So, I went to the bra section, and I saw some on sale.  It was good.  I know that I’m going to lose some more weight, so I didn’t want to spend $100 on bras that weren’t going to last me very long.  I was lucky enough to get one on clearance and two others that were not name-brand, but they were perfect.  The worst thing about a bra giving up the ghost is that the elastic just quits being supportive.  No matter how many times you adjust the straps, it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

The reason I have to almost talk myself into it is because you never know, regardless of how many times you buy one, exactly what size you wear in that particular bra.  So, you have to try on like 15 before you find one that actually fits.  For me, this means that I want to buy like 10 of them so that I don’t ever have to go through the experience again, but I don’t really need 10 because of all the reasons listed before.  I bought three and called it a day.

So, until I lose more weight or until the elastic also dies in these new bras, I will be safe from bra-shopping again.

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