So, I am starting to think about ways that I could make a clerkship happen again.  Since I work full-time, somehow managing to squeeze in a 20-hour per week clerkship is a daunting task.  I am considering volunteering somewhere, doing things at home if possible, or even working after hours.  If all else fails, I will probably have to quit my job to clerk, which is scary.

I have a good job.  I make a decent salary.  I am not the primary breadwinner in my family, and my husband also has a nice salary.  We make it well, and we have saved quite a lot over the past 6 years since we’ve been married.  I’d like to save more, just because I want to have it in case of a rainy day, but I also know that with tuition for me, college expenses for the kids, and the usual mortgage and other bills, we will have a period of lower savings until the girls at least leave home.  I’m okay with that, but it sure makes it hard to think about retirement.  Given the current economical situation, our 403b accounts have taken quite a bit hit.  I know the money will most likely come back over time, but thinking about when that might occur is a horrifying idea right now.  We aren’t 25, and we don’t have 60 years until we retire.

All of this makes quitting my job a bit more scary.  What happens if I quit, get out, don’t pass the bar, or can’t find a job in law?  What would I do then?  I have wanted to do this for so long that I know I’ll be good at it when I do get there, and I’m honestly not that worried about not passing the bar although I know it is very difficult.  I am worried a bit about taking that step now though, given that I have two years left before I would have my bar results anyway.

So, for now, I am still thinking of ways to clerk.  I’m also considering an externship for the spring, which requires only about 10 hours a week.  That experience would be good, too, although it is unpaid.  I’m sure I can make this work.  I want it badly enough to do so.

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