Moxie the Shaved and Cold

So, we went on vacation last week.  We had to board our dog, Moxie, at the kennel, which we call “Camp”.  I don’t think that us calling it “Camp” really fools her anymore.

She is a Maltese.  She weighs about 8 pounds with all of her fur.  Right now, though, she weighs about 6 pounds as we had her hair cut really short while we were gone.  The problem now is that she is cold.  So, she’s huddling under everything you can imagine.

Earlier this afternoon, I kept hearing her scratching at the floor.  Then I realized that she was trying to find a warm place to hang out.  I went and got her blankey, so now she’s all cozy up on my lap.  It’s a good thing.  She’s warm, and I’m feeling the love.

Pets are wonderful, especially dogs.  I’ve never been a cat person, because I don’t particularly like how they lick themselves and then have the hairball thing going on.  I did work at a veterinary clinic in college and took care of many cats and dogs, along with the occasional potbelly pig, rabbit, parrot, or duck.  Thankfully I was absent the morning that the snake came in as that would have probably been the end of my vet assistant career.

Last night when we were doing laundry and the clothes were just out of the dryer, Moxie wanted up on the bed something fierce.  I put her up there, and when I turned back around to look at her, she was all huddled up in the warmth of the clothing.  It was hard to do the laundry with her in the way, but we worked around her until we just had to move her.  I felt sorry for the poor girl since she has no hair left.

Last night she huddled up in her blankey when she went to sleep in her princess dog bed.  I’m sure she’ll do the same thing tonight. She’s a sweetheart, and I hope she gets to stay warm.  I was chilly last night, too, so I feel her pain.

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