Wa-wa Tires versus the Newfangled Low Profile Option

Tonight, we went to eat out as we had an event at our daughters’ school and didn’t get done early enough to get home and cook. We have been eating at home and taking our lunch almost exclusively, so I didn’t feel bad about breaking the habit for one night.

When we were coming out of the restaurant, we saw a large pickup truck with expensive-looking rim/wheels and very low profile tires, like less than 2 inches thick. My husband commented how he doesn’t understand how anyone can do that to a truck, as if it’s emasculating the integrity of the vehicle with the low profile tires. I said, “Would you prefer wa-wa tires?”, to which he said he would not go that far.

Just what are wa-wa tires, you ask? Well, there is a story to that.

When I was a little girl, my dad had a job where he worked out in the woods and trails all the time. He was required by his employer, at that time anyway, to provide his own vehicle. He had a 1973 Ford Bronco with a winch on the front and these big mud tires. Since I was a little girl, I didn’t understand the term “mud tires” so I called them wa-wa tires.

When one drives such tires on muddy surfaces, they are really great and work quite well. When, however, one drives such tires on pavement or asphalt, the tires make a sort of humming sound that goes “wa wa wa wa wa”. Thus, the name wa-wa tires.

I have always called those type of tires wa-wa tires. The first time after my husband and I started dating and I saw some on a vehicle, I commented that those were really big wa-wa tires. He, of course, looked at me quite strangely and asked me what in the world I was talking about. I told him the story, and he smiled and said he understood perfectly. This was just one of the many reasons I knew he was “the one”. If someone understands wa-wa tires, they make the cut.

So, even though we have no wa-wa tires on our vehicles, we do have them on Deena the Dirtbike. She’s not ridden on the pavement, though, so it’s just not the same effect.

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