The $28K

We have lost $28,000 in our 403(b) accounts over the past six weeks.  I’d like to send a great big ol shout-out to all the idiots who voted for Obama, Nancy, and Henry and all of the other legislators who have gotten us into this mess.

With this in mind, I believe I have paid my fair share of taxes to those who feel “entitled” to have my money.  Yes, we are not poor.  No, I don’t believe I should have to fork over 30% of my income, not including the other taxes I pay, like taxes at the gas station and grocery store, to support someone who doesn’t do anything but sit around and collect a government check.

People these days, it seems, will do anything to collect free money.  I read on the news today of a man who kept a dead woman on his couch for months in order to keep collecting her Social Security checks.  That is, for me and most sane people, taking it a bit too far.

I feel this way, strongly, because I have worked very hard to get where I am.  I was poor for years.  I once had $7 in my checking account to last me and my family an entire week.  We ate beans, bologna, and we didn’t go anywhere except work.  We made it.  I have had some sort of job ever since I was 14 years old, with only one year off when I was in college and pregnant with my son (whose hospital and other bills I paid from my pocket and insurance that I also paid for – all while making $15K/year for a family of three!) These people who have their hands out because of whatever reason should put their hands to work instead.  We, as a country, cannot continue this Medicaid/Medicare ride without the car veering off the road completely.  It is unsustainable.

I know someone who has been on a government subsidy of some variety or sort for every one of the past 7 years.  If it wasn’t food stamps, it was subsidized housing or daycare vouchers, or unemployment because this person “got fired” on purpose.  This person, and those like this person, need to learn to sit down at a desk, answering phones, go outside and mow lawns or dig ditches, or work in fast food – do SOMETHING before asking everyone else to pony up the dough to support them.  It is unreasonable to believe that the working population will continue to be able to support the millions who have gotten themselves into whatever bad situation because of bad decision-making abilities and now expect or feel like they deserve a handout.  There are a very limited few who do deserve a handout.

I’ve often asked myself what we would do if one or both of us lost our jobs.  Well, I can tell you that I would do whatever it took to survive, but I would not expect the government or my neighbors to foot the bill.  Burger King, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Wal-Mart are always hiring.  Amazingly, my 16-year-old daughter has a job in fast food.  She makes $7.50 an hour.  That’s not a lot, but it’s enough to make it.  Also amazingly, she has kept her job for almost 9 months now.  That is a whole lot better than I can say for most.  A lot of people just don’t want to work because it’s so hard.  Well, guess what?  Do you think the rest of us love getting up every morning, fighting traffic, dressing up in something other than our pajamas, and then going to a job where people yell and scream at how unhappy they are with our service every day?  No, we don’t.  So, for those of you out there who feel like it’s okay to just sit around and expect a handout with no return to the US Treasury, get up off your butts and do something for yourselves instead of expecting a handout.

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