The Market Drop & The Debt Ceiling

Usually, I do not care what happens in Washington. I think that, other than voting, there is really not much I can do to change the outcome of anything they do, which unfortunately has a huge ripple effect throughout the economy. Now, however, I’m starting to get rather peaved.

My stock portfolio from my 403b has taken a hit today (and last week) because of the downgrade of the US credit. I can’t imagine how hard it will be to get a house loan, should we need to anytime soon, and I can’t fathom why in the world the US Government thought that giving people cell phones was something the government should do at all! This administration has done nothing but spend, spend, spend, with no recourse or discipline. They think that everyone deserves to live the good life, whether they work for it or not. America is the land of opportunity, NOT the land of free rides. It has certainly become more of the latter in recent times.

What I do not understand is why the American people keep falling for the Democrats’ ploys and plans. The Dems want to be in control and want to control everyone by making them dependent on the Dems and government. They feel that if people are dependent on them, they will remain in power, and they are, for the most part, right. If a person offered you a free meal, you are more likely to vote for that person than for someone who required you to put forth some sort of effort for the meal, right? Wake up, America! That is what your government is doing to you right now!

The only thing that will save America is for Obama, Nancy, and Harry to get voted out of office, along with their giveaway-loving friends, which is being paid for on the backs of those who work and contribute to society. “Rich” or not, it is not fair nor does it support the values on which this country was founded, to make those who work pay for things for those who make bad decisions, have too many children to support on their own, or just don’t want to work. Having 15 children is great, AS LONG as you can afford, on your own, to pay for them. Just because you “really like kids” doesn’t mean that the rest of us should pay for you to have a happy-kid-full life!

My plea this evening: revolt, America! Boot those idiots out of office and elect people who don’t spend every nickle the Treasury has plus all the nickles I have, too. If not, America – Home of the Brave is about to become America – Home of the Broke.

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