My Overall Impressions of NYC

My impressions of NYC: everyone should see it once. That is all.

This is the first big city that I have visited that I don’t want to visit again anytime soon. I think I place it even below New Orleans, and that’s pretty bad.

The main reasons:
1. The streets were dirty.
2. The food is ridiculously expensive.
3. The people are, for the most part, rude and loud.
4. F*** is a regularly-used word in ordinary conversation in front of customers and visitors.
5. From my 14-year old: the people were mean, rude, and crowded together.
6. Out of millions of people, I found three who were nice: the maintenance guy at the Statue of Liberty, the front desk lady at the hotel, and the lady on the subway who gave us subway maps. That’s pretty sad.
7. The fact that almost no one we encountered spoke English, the um official language of the US.
8. The crowds. Funny I don’t mind the crowds in Chicago, LA, Miami, Boston, etc., but here they were just rude.
9. The fact that people in my own country treated me like crap while people from Canada were as nice as anyone I’ve ever met.
10. The fact that a decent hotel will cost you $450 a night.
11. The fact that a nice-looking hotel had a huge inflated bedbug out front showing that it was infected. Thankfully it was not our hotel.
12. The fact that both good and bad parts of town are all mixed together, so a visitor doesn’t know what to avoid.

I’m sure there are other reasons. I just know that on my next trip, I’ll ship out of somewhere other than NYC or fly in the day of the cruise and go straight to the terminal.

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