Self-Assist Versus Other Disembarkation Options

This morning, while disembarking from our latest cruise, we chose to use self-assist. Our flight leaves LGA at 1:15pm, so when we received our bag tickets last evening and they were zone 26, we knew that wouldn’t work.

So, we had three other choices: get Guest Services to give us earlier group tickets, use the Zone 1 tickets I saved from the last cruise (a very attractive option!) or use self- assist. The latter is basically the option where you carry your own bags out of the terminal through Customs. This was our choice this time, and it worked beautifully.

We literally went down the elevator, walked into the third floor area, and then walked off the boat. Some of our timing was just dumb luck, as we could have gone down there earlier or later. We just happened to go just at the exact right moment.

It took us 7 minutes to get from the boat through Customs and out to the street. Another 7-8 minutes to get a taxi, and 30 minutes to the airport. That just about beats our previous record when we had zone 1 tags in Puerto Rico.

So, unless you are really old and feeble, have small children, or have three bags per person, I highly recommend the self-assist option for those who want to avoid the crowds getting off the ship.

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