60 Laps Today

Today, for the first time ever I think, I did 60 laps.  Now, mind you, this is not an Olympic-sized swimming pool, but it is long enough to count.  It was really cool to count those laps as they passed.  I went late today, because it was raining on the way home, and since the pool is outdoors, I didn’t want to chance a storm.  The clouds were gray and rather ominous today, so that was what made me worry about it.

I almost didn’t go today, as I have a final tomorrow.  It’s open book, take-home, so it’s really not too bad as I have 24 hours to complete it.  Also, we had great professors, so I know the material pretty well, I believe.  We’ll see tomorrow evening how I feel!  I have my 8-page outline and list of cases all printed out and ready to go, so I think I’m good.  Again, we’ll see tomorrow evening how I feel after seeing the questions they have for us on the exam.

At least at the beginning of the semester, they made us feel good when they said we would have no trouble passing their class if we came to class and followed the study guide.  I am just amazed that there were people who didn’t show up for class and then skipped the last night.  That was the key evening!  That’s when all of the important information was given out, including a study guide.   Now, when your profs give you a study guide in law school, the appropriate answer is “YES, I will come to class and pick it up that evening!”

It’s amazing that some people don’t feel that way about it, but they do.

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