Feels Good to Be Me Today

It feels good to be me today.  About six months ago, we made a plan to pay off everything we owe except our house and one vehicle.  We are well on the way to doing that today, as I have made the last payment on the only credit card we owed anything on.  We never owed more than $2,000, which is pretty good in this day and age, and today’s payment of $363 was the final one.  It feels good.

Next, we will pay the additional money to my car, which has three payments remaining.  Then, that plus what we were paying on the credit card will go towards our timeshare, paying it off in January.  It will feel so good in February to have an extra $1,000 every month to put in savings, especially the way that the economy is going these days.  I feel sometimes like hiding money under the mattresses like they did in the olden days!

In a mere 6 years, we have saved more money than I have saved in the previous 20 years.  It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you have two people working toward the same goal of retirement on a beach somewhere!

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