Summer Semester is Finally Over!

July 27, 9:30am

After what seems like a whirlwind exam over the past 12 hours or so, I am finally finished with my oil and gas exam and can enjoy some downtime before fall semester starts. It was a take-home exam. I can’t imagine if we had to do it in three hours at school. It would have been really tough.

We had a great class over the summer. Most of the concepts were pretty straightforward and easy to learn, but a few were tough. Thankfully, we had the best property professor possible, so I remembered a lot of the concepts from that class, which made this class easier. Finally, after 2 years, we are having classes where we are not starting from scratch!

The exam had three essays and 25 or so multiple choice questions. The MC were not diffucult, although there is one that I’m stil unsure of. Two of the three essays weren’t too bad, but the last one was a bit tough. The fact pattern was easy to follow, but a couple of the questions were tough since I don’t remember studying much about them from class. I went to every class. I know that there were lots of people who didn’t go to class very much, which drives me crazy. I can’t imagine not going to class and trying to stay caught up. There is just no way I could do that!

Anyway, we don’t have to go back until August 22, and we are headed out on vacation between now and then. It should be great!

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