Port of Houston, a la La Porte, Texas

10 Janvier 2016

Today, after a several hour delay, we set sail from the Port of Houston, also known as La Porte, Texas. South east of Houston, La Porte has a small beach area and tons of shipping and refineries. A quiet little spot, it only took us about an hour or so, guessing, to get out to sea. We passed by Galveston Island in the dark, since we left so late, but the lights were beautiful. It is amazing to me that what would have been a devastating thing before, when I made a larger salary and had tons of vacation time, hardly affected me at all on this trip. I’m just a happier person than when I was before at my old job. 

It was quite cold today. Around 34 for a low, and 51 for a high, but with a fierce and unrelenting wind, I was wearing my winter puffy jacket and my blanket scarf. I call it that because it’s truly large enough to serve as a blanket when not being used as a scarf. We stood out on the deck, level 5, watching as we pulled away from the docks. It’s one if my favorite things to watch. I’m always fascinated at the thrusters and their ability to push a large boat away from land. 

The waves were not rough, which is good. So far I’m not dizzy, but we will see once we hit land again. In the middle of the night, around midnight or so, a bright light passed right next to the boat. I’m still not sure what it was, but I think we might have gotten a little too close to an oil rigger. Just a guess. There are tons of them out in this area of the sea. 

As I was standing on the large balcony outside our room, I started thinking about all of the journeys we have had. All of the adventures we have crammed into 11 years. That tonight’s adventures, from waiting in the hotel for several hours, to sitting in a queue at the boat terminal, to driving around the parking lot and getting in our room, to the nearly immediate delivery of our bags, to the chill in the air, to the scotch and water over ice I drank while watching the lights of Houton, La Porte, and Galveston disappear into the night, will become a “remember when” and not just a now. That these memories will eventually fade a bit, merging themselves into the other adventures we have had, the 10 other cruises we have embarked upon, and the many islands upon which we have put our toes in the sand. Another adventure to reminisce upon, and another journey to add to our growing list of good times. 

We have done a lot in 11 years. Way more than I thought we would. Way less than I wanted to as a child and teen, throughout my life, but all in the grand spirit of growing up, moving on, and working my ass off to make it happen.  Off we cruise, to Costa Maya, Belize, and Cozumel. Adventure awaits!

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